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What is Web Banner Advertisement?

Web banner ad is a piece of graphic (static/animated) with text elements embedded with hyperlink on the website. Web banner ad can be displayed in different ways and multiple images. For eg, web banner rotating from one ad to another ad. The number of ads displayed in the same space is set by the publisher or web banner pop up from the site when visitor landed on the page.

Standard and Types Of Banner Advertisement?

Web banner ads come in different shapes and sizes, measuring in pixels. Below are the list of banner sizes based on Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB)’s standard (To check actual size, you can go to IAB website (link))


Here are some of the common rich media formats that can be used for web banner ads .

  • Flash
  • HTML and Javascript
  • Expandable Ads
  • Rollovers Ads
  • Floating Ads
  • Video Ads

Roles and Objectives of Web Banner Ads?

There are 3 groups of peoples involved in the cycle of advertising banner ads on the website.

Group 1: Advertiser
Advertiser buys web banner ads space from popular website publisher to advertise their company/products/ services in order to get more visitors to their website and increase the page ranking in the search engine. Increasing the page ranking is only a small part. What the advertiser is aiming for is to sell and promote their business through other people’s website, hoping to increase sales. Advertiser can be a company selling products like gadgets, tickets, clothings, books..etc or services like job hunting portal, insurances policies..etc

Group 2: Publisher
Publisher sells web banner ads space to advertiser and help to promote advertiser’s product or service in exchange for earning a commission. Publisher will take care all the marketing and advertising strategies in order to boost up the web traffics to their their own website. A publisher can be an individual or a company. Normally, advertiser will sign contract with the publisher, then advertiser will provide publisher with creative – in the form of links, banner or text ads or even unique phone number – that the publisher incorporates into their website.

Group 3: Visitor/Customer
Visitor visits publisher website or clicks on the web banner ads on publisher’s site to advertiser’s page whereby customer is the visitor who landed on advertiser’s page and buys products/services from the site. Both visitor and customer sees the ads and then make an action like clicking or submitting information.

When visitor landed on publisher’s website, there are 2 things that could possibly happen

1) Clicks
When visitor clicks on the advertiser’s web banner ads published on the publisher’s website, visitor will be directed to advertiser’s website. Hooray! Now visitor landed on the advertiser’s page but the real success is when visitor purchase something or make any transactions before leaving the website.

2) Visits
When visitor fails to click on the advertiser’s web banner ads published on the publisher’s website, then the advertiser of the web banner ads will have to hope that visitor will at least remember the name of the company/products/services advertised on the publisher website and visit them (advertiser website) some time in the future.

Apart from that, advertising on the website is also for BRANDING purposes as well.

Branding is the process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers’ mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers (extracted from business dictionary)

How advertiser measure the effectiveness and performance of the banner ads.

1. Click-through

Publisher :- Publisher sites sell banner ad space on a cost per click (CPC) basis.

Advertiser :- Track by the number of visitors who click on the banner ad linking to the advertiser’s website. Advertiser buy banner ad space on a pay per click (PPC) basis.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Cost Per Click (CPC)

PPC is an internet advertising that can be used on search engines and advertising network like Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN Adcenter .

CPC is the amount of money an advertiser pays search engines and Internet publishers for a single click on its advertisement that brings one visitor to its website

Advertisers buy traffics with PPC ads Publisher monetize their sites with CPC ads
Google Adwords,Yahoo Search Marketing, MSN Adcenter, Facebook, ..etc

For eg: advertiser has to pay to Google whenever a click is performed on the ad that has posted through Adwords.

Google AdSense.

CPC is the cost which has to be paid after PPC.

Is a framework/model/method for advertising – Type of advertising program is a metric for measurement in PPC campaign – measure how much a click costs

2. Cost Per Thousand Impressions(CPM).
Publisher :- Publisher sites sell banner ad space on a cost per thousand impression basis and get $XX.XX for every 1000 people who see the ad.

Advertiser :- Track by the number of times a particular web page has been requested from the server. Advertiser will have to pay $XX.XX for every 1000 people who see the ad on publisher’s site.

3. Click-through rate (CTR)
Ratio of page view to click. It is expressed as the percentage of total visitors to a particular page who actually clicked on the banner ad. The typical click-through-rate is something under 1 percent, and click-through rates significantly higher than that are very rare.

4. Cost Per Action (CPA)
Cost per Action aka when a person performs a specific action (ie register, provide email address, etc.) then you get paid a set amount.

5. Cost Per Sale
This is the measure of how much advertising money is spent on making one sale. Advertisers use different means to calculate this, depending on the ad and the product or service. Many advertisers keep track of visitor activity using Internet cookies. This technology allows the site to combine shopping history with information about how the visitor originally came to the site.

How to create banner ads

Option 1: Request your in house graphic/web designer to design banner ads
Option 2: Hire freelance graphic/web designer to design banner ads
Option 3: DIY using special graphic designing tools like photoshop/illustrator/paint shop pro/coreldraw/flash/etc.. and embed html link when inserting image on the website.
Option 4: Use free banner designer sites like

  • BannerSnack
  • BannerSketch
  • Animation Online
  • 123-Banner
  • Google Display Network
  • Make Your
  • ABC Banners
  • Atomic Arts

Ways to advertise banner ads (ADVERTISER)

Advertiser has few ways to post banner ads on the website.

1) Exchange banner ads with other website using Demand-Side Platform System (DSP) by the Service Provider. DSP is a system that provides access to multiple ad networks at a time. (eg:DoubleClick or Flycast)

If there is a limited budget/capital is to be concerned, advertiser may DIY and opt for xchange banner ads with other sites.

  • For advertiser who wants to exchange small amount of banner ads with 1-2 websites , advertiser can build relationship with the website/webmaster to trade specific banners.

  • For advertiser who wants to exchange small amount of banner ads with multiple websites in fastest time, advertiser may opt for Banner Ads Exchange Programs.

2) Purchase ad banner space from publisher sites to post its banner (Banner Run).

3) Outsource to an expert, commonly an individual, agency, service or organization to post banners to a number of publisher sites on behalf of another advertiser/company. The appointed individual/agency/service/ organization will advertise/publish/ exchange banner ads using selected DSP system, identifying advertising opportunities across multiple networks, bidding the best price of advertising space that match the right target audiences and within the advertiser’s budget. If all the above criteria are matched, the appointed party will proceed to purchase the advertising space on behalf of the advertiser/company. The process will be repeated until the budget is exhausted.

4) Join Banner Ad Network/Pay-Per-Click Network

5) Start up an affliate program (PPS or PPC)

6) Sponsorship

Ways to advertise banner ads (Option 1)Banner Ads Exchange Programs (Traffic Exchange Program)

If want to succeed in the business but facing tight budget/capital for advertising, advertiser may consider Banner Ads Exchange program.

Banner Ads Exchange Program

Advertiser post a banner ad on the site and submit ad design to the Banner Ads Exchange Program.

Banner Ads Exchange Program will post advertiser’s ad on another site.

In exchange, advertiser will have to post banner ads given by the program on their website. However, banner ads exchange program usually requires advertiser to post more than one banner ads for every one banner program post on other site. The process is like trading web ad space.

With this method, the program will have more banner ads spaces than actual banner ads the program needs to place for members so program can sell extra banner ads spaces to paying advertiser. The number of ads needed to post by advertiser depends on the program. Having said that, the exact ratio varies but the most commonly used are 3:2 or 2:1. For example:- For program offering ratio is 2:1, it means posting 2 banner ads on advertiser’s site for every one of advertiser’s ad posted on another site.

How banner exchange program works

1. Sign up for a Banner Exchange Program. Some good banner exchange programs are :-

  • DoubleClick (Subsidary of Google)
  • Flycast
  • LinkExchange
  • Exchangead
  • EBannerTraffic
  • Neobanners
  • BannerSwap
  • SmartClicks
  • Free Banners
  • LinkBuddies
  • BCentral

2. Submit the banner ads creative design to the program.

3. Exchange Banner Program will provide HTML code thereafter – A piece of HTML code will be provided by the program for every banner advertiser submitted as part of the exchange program. Advertiser will embed the html code into the page to instruct visitor’s web browser to call all the banner ads from the exchange program’s server when visitor visit advertiser’s site.

With this method, exchange program can check the web banner ads are on which sites and change the web banner ads anytime and anywhere when required. Moreover, exchange program can monitor the traffics of particular banner ads on particular member sites which helps them to pair sites with suitable advertisers. This method allows exchange program to ensure that the banners are populated and displayed correctly across its network.

4. Each time the banner is displayed for advertiser’s visitor across the network, advertiser will earn a certain amount of credits.

5. This credits are then used to show advertiser banner on other website that are signed up within the network.

The response from visitors might be low if advertiser’s brand is fairly new in the market. In this case, advertiser may consider exchanging backlink with other websites to boost the traffics.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Banner Exchange Program


  • It’s free! There is no joining fee for most programs. However, some programs do required to pay a certain amount of fee.

  • Can exchange banner/link with other sites without any charges and at the same time can increase traffics to your site.

  • Earn credits by viewing other sites and sites that are related to yours. Moreover, can build relationship with the site owner/webmaster that have high PR ratings and then exchange direct link because high PR ratings usually will have higher traffics. Hence, it improves site in search engine visibility and increase traffics from other sites

  • Gain higher impressions on analytics platform like Google analytics. This may help to sell your blog/site’s ad space to advertisers at a good price.


  • No control on which sites your banner is going to be displayed, how the banner is being displayed and what banner are displayed on the site.

  • Competition among the banners from the similar industry on the website

  • Not guaranteed traffics. Need to have a favorably amount of traffics on the site. Without this traffics, your banner will not earn credits or impressions to show on other sites. If clicks are considerably less than 100 per month, then most likely the click through will be low from the network as well.

  • May face high bounce rates which is not good at all as it affects the traffic results. Higher bounce rate means that people are not interested on the site/blog content. Visitor normally will not spend time reading contents if they find the content is boring. The bounce rate increases when visitors stay only a few seconds on the site.

Ways to advertise banner ads (Option 2)DIY buying banner ad space from publisher website (Banner Run).

Advantage Disadvantage

1.Full control over how the banner ad is advertised.

  • Can decide where to advertise the ad – choose the right website for the right audiences/visitors.

  • Full control of the whole process

2. Freedom of choice in choosing the right publisher that fits advertiser requirements and good match for the banner ads.

3. Choose publisher/website based on current budget.

  • Limited budget – can opt for smaller websites to advertise. Smaller website usually offer cheaper banner ad packages and pricing can be negotiated sometimes.

  • No budget prob – can opt for larger websites which often offer set of banner ad package. Larger sites usually are more expensive and usually comes with terms & conditions.

4. Clear Understanding of the procedures and steps from the publisher/ webmaster on how to advertise banner ad.

1. Lots of hard work and very time consuming as well.

  • Need to search for publisher and approach them to ask if they have any ad space for sale.

  • Need to check out if the site is a good match for the banner ads.

  • Need to shop around for advertising arrangement and packages that meet advertiser’s requirements through email/calls to the webmaster/website. Sometimes can negotiate with the webmaster/website to get the best pricing.

  • Need to compare pricing, past performance and past traffics between shortlisted websites in order to get the best result.

2. Maybe cheaper comparing to other options but doesn’t guarantee high traffics from visitors especially the smaller website. However if select carefully, advertising in the smaller website can be as effective as the larger website.

3. Must follow procedures set by the webmaster/publisher of the website.

Publisher offering flexible banner advertising package

1. Allow pricing negotiation especially for smaller websites.

2. It is buyer’s market (supply more than demand) so it pays to negotiate.

3. pay a specific CPM for a certain number of impressions (commonly in chunks of 100,000 to 1,000,000 impressions) over a specific period of time (commonly at least one month_

4. Usually publisher will have a minimum number of impressions / click-through for the buyer to purchase.

  • If buyer ready to purchase impression/click through close to the minimum, it will be difficult to negotiate.

  • If buyer ready to purchase more impressions/click through, the stronger buyer position to negotiate the pricing. In this case, if buyer is not satisfied with the rate offered, buyer can state the intended offer in which they think is best for them clearly. This type of package allows buyer to bargain for the best pricing.

Publisher offering standard banner advertising package

1. Publisher sites sell advertising ad space on a CPM basis (set of number of impressions).Expect range like $5 to $100 per thousand impressions depending on the popularity of the websites.

2. Higher traffic usually charge higher rate than less popular site. The effectiveness of the traffics are depend on the right website pulling the right audiences.

3. Banner ad package varies but expect 50,000 to 200,000 impressions sold at a time is common for a fairly popular website.

4. Publishers will sell a Banner Run on a specific section of a site, or specific ad spots on a page. For example, a publisher might offer a Special Sponsorship that would let an advertiser run 100,000 impressions across the premium ad placements on their site, for a higher rate.

Ways to advertise banner ads (Option 3)Employ Media Advertising Agency

If you have the budget and want to have a hassle free process in advertising your campaigns or probably you are clueless on how to advertise on the web, you may consider employing an advertising agency.

Advertising agency provides expertise that specialize in digital advertising that can assist you in running digital campaigns and marketing your products/services online. Most of the advertising agencies services including but not limited to:-

  • Creating professional banner ads
  • Seeking for publisher sites that matches the campaigns.
  • Negotiate for the best price banner ad space.

Employing advertising agency isn’t cheap but you can surely benefit from them. They have the expertises that will help you to make the best use of your advertising budget. They will ensure that your banner ads will be published on the right websites and within budget as most of the advertising agencies have good professional social business connections (clients, web publishers, webmasters..etc) that allow them to get a good price on ad banner spaces and buy impressions in bulk.

Hiring advertising agency is suitable for large companies because of the high cost price. You are paying for their expertise and skillful talented professionals to work out marketing plans, design competitive banner ads and promote your products/services. They know better in the market expectations,customer needs and competitors.

There are many advertising agencies offering almost similar advertising services. The differences between agencies are their reputation in the marketplace, services offered and size of the agency. Be sure you shop around and do some research before commiting to one agency. Find out what the agency packages available, offers, how much it charges and portfolios/experiences it has.

Ways to advertise banner ads (Option 4)Join Banner Ad Network/Pay-Per-Click Network

If you do not have time to seek out thousands of different sites to run your campaigns on, you may consider joining banner ads network. Banner ads network helps to place advertiser’s banner ads on multiple publisher websites and provide tracking tools to track all activities related to the ad. The process is almost similar to Banner Exchange Program.


Banner ad network/PPC Network is like a middleman between advertiser and publishers.
Advertiser has no control over the placement of the banner ads when advertise through banner ads network. The network will decide where to place the banner ads and they do not provide personal attention as opposed to agency. Having said that, banner ads may or may not appear at the right category/industry websites for your banner ads.

This kind of advertising is usually associated with search engines, contextual advertising and image ads. Generally, the advertiser pays out to the publisher (and the PPC network, if one is being used) for each click on an ad. These ads will be text links or image ads, and will be shown either as part of a search results page, or based on the content of a site. Google’s Adwords and AdSense are perhaps the most popular system based on this methodology.

The ADVANTAGE of this advertising for the advertiser is that they only have to pay for actual clickthroughs. They don’t have to worry about paying a lot of money for impressions that never amount to anything. For the publisher, the benefit is that they don’t have to do any specific work, and can make a significant amount of money since the clickthroughs are inherently more valuable.

The DISADVANTAGE for the advertiser is that this type of advertising is more expensive than other methods of advertising and less effective. For search‐based PPC, the cost of a single click can be very expensive for the most popular keywords,and at some point the cost of the click might not be worth what they had to pay for it if not enough people actually purchase something after the clickthrough. For publisher, this kind of advertising is only worthwhile if their audience actually clicks on the advertising. If their audience ignores it, it essentially is just wasted space, since they won’t make any money just from running the ads on their site.

Be sure you research before committing any of the banner ads network. The easiest way is to check the customer reviews about the network. It’s common for business to over promise and under deliver just to win the deal so review their past performance to ensure your banner ads are being placed effectively. Also, you may also need to consider whether you are interested in impressions or click-throughs before joining, as most banner ad networks specialize in one or the other.

The price to pay for advertising through banner ads network depends on the reputation of the publisher, traffics going to the publisher sites and specialty.

Banner Ads Network Traffics to publisher sites Publisher Sites Banner Ads Space package price .(CPM, CPC, CPA)
Large High traffics, CPM and CPC, CPA. May get up to billions of impressions More than thousands of publisher sites. Expensive.
Medium/Small Moderate / low traffics. Maybe high CPM but low in CPC and CPA Less than thousand of publisher sites. Economical (Budget)
Specialize High CPC and maybe CPM as well. Specialize in a particular category/industry of sites May need to negotiate.

Perhaps you can lookout for discounted banner ads space. Some banner ads network offer promotional price for remnant ad space (also known as “REMAINDER” advertising). It refers to unsold ad space which may be made available at deeply discounted rates especially through cost per click (CPC) and cost per action (CPA) advertising.

Here are some of the banner ads network available in the market.
Atlas Solutions
Atlas DMT
BannerSpace – click-through networks
BURST! Media – impression networks
ContentZone – impression networks
DoubleClick (Subsidary of Google)- impression networks
eAds – click-through networks
FlyCast – impression networks
Google Ad Manager (Adwords and Adsense)
Magento Enterprise
Overture (Yahoo Pay Per Click Program)
Smart AdServer
ValueClick – click-through networks

Ways to advertise banner ads (Option 5)Start up an affliate program (PPS or PPC)

This is a very cost-effective way to advertise your banner ad on other sites. Affiliate advertising is based on the concept of an advertiser rewarding a publisher (the affiliate) for any business that is brought in. It means that you (owner of the affiliate program) pay publisher sites only when you get a specific result. Having said that, the publisher will run ads for an affiliate program with special tracking code that helps the advertiser to identify which site a visitor came from. Unlike traditional banner advertising through a banner network, you don’t have to buy affiliate program click-throughs or impressions in bulk. You pay a small amount for each click, or you pay a percentage of your profit from a referred visitor. Affiliate systems tracks of which visitors actually clickthrough, sign up for or buy something, and the publisher(affiliate) can be rewarded accordingly. Affliate can be rewarded for clickthroughs (PPC), or more specifically for actual sales and leads (PPS).

The ADVANTAGES of affiliate system is that the publisher can make a lot more money by not just showing an ad, but hoping that someone actually buys something or signs up for something after clicking on an ad. For the advertiser, the affiliate system provides a great way for others to do a lot of their actual advertising for them. As a common example, has an extensive affiliate system; website publishers are encouraged to provide a special link to products at (or even the website itself) and encourage their visitors to buy something. The publisher benefits because they get a piece of the sale that is generated, and the advertiser benefits because the affiliate is doing the work of directing people to their site specifically to buy something.

The DISADVANTAGES for the advertiser, there aren’t too many weaknesses, since they don’t really give up anything at all by having affiliates. For the publisher, affiliate marketing often is only a benefit if they can actually drive enough visitors to the advertiser’s site to actually make an acceptable amount of money on commissions. For larger sites, an affiliate system can be quite lucrative, but for smaller sites it is sometimes not worth the effort.

Ways to advertise banner ads (Option 6)Sponsorship

This is one of the old classical form of advertising. In this type of advertising, an advertiser will sponsor an entire site, or at least a section of a site or a specific page on a publisher site. Advertiser is usually given a period of time or duration. This type of advertising is best uses for branding, or for introducing a new product purposes. Since visitors to the site will see the same sponsorship advertising constantly, rather than in rotation with other ads, it is more likely to be remembered for a long time.

The ADVANTAGES for the advertiser is in knowing that whatever message they are getting across will be the only thing seen by the site’s audience during the entire duration of the sponsorship runs . This kind of advertising is like the sponsorship “branding” done on TV, where a segment of a live game half‐time show is sponsored by a particular company. The main aim of using this type of advertising is that advertiser hopes to not only get their message across, but also become linked with the site they are sponsoring in the minds of their audience. The result of this kind of advertising can be invaluable if the site’s audience for this form of advertising becomes a long term customer.

For the publisher, the advantage of sponsorship advertising is stability. The publisher
expects to be able to sell this kind of sponsorship for a much higher rate than a normal ad
campaign, since they are giving full sponsorship and exposure to a single company. The
benefit for the publisher is that they can have the stability of knowing that they have
brought in a large amount of ad revenue from a single company.

The DISADVANTAGES for the advertiser is this type of advertising can potentially not be worth the investment. Generally, it depends on the site and the needs of the campaign. If the advertiser
sponsors a site that isn’t interested in what they are selling, the sponsorship can become a waste. Another weakness is that there isn’t any specific guarantee about how much specific
traffic their advertising will actually get.

For the publisher, there isn’t much of a weakness. The only potential problem is that a sponsorship can keep them from selling ad space to other advertisers. The publisher always
has to make sure that the money earned from a single sponsorship is much worth than selling the same ad space to a number of other advertisers

How to SELL Banner Ad Space (PUBLISHER).

Assuming that you have very good traffics to your website, you can sell your website’s banner ad space by :

1) Joining Banner Ads Network / PPC Network

2) Joining Affliate Prorgram

3) Joining Exchange Banner Ads Program

4) Do-It-Yourself Method

  • Finding sponsorship for your website.
  • Approaching advertiser yourself (grow your social network)
  • Approach and market your website to advertising agency. (grow your social professional network)

Ways to make banner ad more effective.

It requires lots of experiences with clients, experiments, research, planning and strategic thinking to make the banner ad effective and successful. Here are some of the ways to make an effective digital display campaign :-

  • Pop Up Ads

  • Interactive Ads like :

    Splash page
    Is the first landing page/homepage to a website. Advertiser uses this method to direct visitor who click on the banner to get more information about the content of the banner rather than straight to the home page. Splash page is very good for advertising like free registration, contest, promotional/discount vouchers or coupons, special offers, promotions, ..etc. The good thing is that it helps to boost the click through rate.

    Interstitial Ad
    Interstitial means “between”. It is a page/ad inserted in between the 2 content web page. It is a full‐page  advertisements that  a  user  would  have  to  look  at  before they  could  be  taken  to  the  page  they wanted to go to. Sometimes the ad can be annoying to some visitors but entertaining to others. If the banner are impressively designed and banner content are creatively written that able to attract visitors to click on the banner ad then is consider a success. The real success is when visitors click on the banner and buy something instead of feeling annoyed and close the window.

  • Some companies such as PointRoll, EyeBlaster and EyeWonder developed advanced technologies for displaying interactive advertising that would be displayed on top of the webpage a user was visiting.

  • Impressive and appealing banner design with interesting banner ads content.

  • Keep message simple, clean, organized, relevant with the campaign and right message to the right customer.

  • Banner ad content must be relevant to the web content.

  • Display them at the right place. Post banner at the right website to attract the right audiences.

  • Be sure to deliver what have promised by optimizing the banner so that it directs visitor to the right product/service landing page.

  • Keep the file size low in order to reduce the loading time.

  • Be sure to do some research on the competitor’s marketing strategy.

  • Banner ads must stand out enough to attract visitor’s attention by taking care of the fonts and colors of the banner.

  • Buy keyword advertising on search engine like google, yahoo, askjeeves, altavista, msn (eg: google adwords) – banner targeted to right customer based on internet user’s activity.

  • Purchase a cookie rather than a network

  • Purchase by action (Cost per click – cpc) rather than by thousand (cost per thousand – cpm)

Recommended References :
How Stuffs Work
How Banner Exchange works
Top 5 Banner Ads Network


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